Boardwalk Empire S5 - When the only way forward is back.

It starts, but way back at the beginning.

In episode one, season 5 of HBO's Boardwalk Empire, we see the formative years for Nucky Thompson, intercut with 'present day' Cuba and the beginning of his come back.

For all that Steve Bescumi's character has endured it is fascinating to see how the boy became the man.

We see from his mother, he received education, an interest in the world and perhaps his tender heart. From his father, we saw cruel pride and the fact he must get ahead in this life. We learn that not only does Nucky have little brother Eli to look out for, but also a very sick little sister with whom Nucky can also tenderly talk about dreams and wishes. We see that the whole family is saddened and touched by the illness of the youngest Thompson sibling.

We also see Nucky first fall into association with The Commodore, who has really pulled all the strings for the recent generation.

Bring on ep 2! 


Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire